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Confit de canard

Set lunch or dinner menu

  • € 30,00 - Fixed lunch for groups

    1 starter - 1 main meal and 1 dessert pre-chosen for the whole group


Foie gras puff pastry tart and apples or
Assortment of Regional Cured Meats and small mixed salad or
Poached egg, cured ham and lardons salad or
Prawn cocktail with avocado or
Smoked Duck Breast and Poultry Gizzards Confit Salad

Main meal

Traditional Duck Confit or
Traditional Bœuf Bourguignon (beef casserole) or
Papillot of High Quality Salmon and fresh vegetables or
Fillet of Cod with Basil or
Roast Veal with Prunes


Nougat glacé (frozen dessert made with meringue, whipped cream, fruit and nuts) with a Red Fruit coulis or
Tarte Tatin (caramelized apple tart) or
Fresh Fruit Salad with Kirsch or
Chocolate lava cake or
Red Fruit Charlotte (tart made with ladyfinger biscuits)