dinner in Paris restaurant for groups
Paris restaurant for groups
Dinner in Paris restaurant for groups Paris dinner restaurants Latin Quarter French restaurant menus in old Paris Menu lunch and dinner Paris for group French traditional cuisine Paris France Paris dinner, Paris dinners reservations. Dinner with Bordeaux or Burgundy wines!


Paris restaurant for groups
Latin Quarter - Notre Dame of Paris

Restaurant groupe Paris
Restaurant Paris for groups
Gruppen Restaurant Paris

Restaurant for Groups in Paris
Au Bistrot de la Montagne

38 rue de la montagne Sainte Geneviève - 75005 Paris
Tel. : 01 46 33 33 16
Fax : 01 43 54 79 68 E-mail : bistrot.la.montagne@wanadoo.fr

Dinner in Paris for groups, restaurant Paris France, Paris group dinner menu with all drinks included
Two restaurants for groups in Paris, Latin Quarter - Notre Dame - Pantheon Choice selections for dinner ( menu only for groups )
Lunch and Dinner for Groups (French traditional cuisine)
Group menu 35 € with all drinks included
Kir and Appetizers
Prawn Cocktail
French Onion Soup
Farmhouse Pâté
Seafood Salad
6 Snails in Garlic Butter
Filet of Chicken in Wine Sauce
Filet of Salmon
Beef in Burgundy Wine Sauce
Roast Veal
Turkey Escalope in Tarragon Sauce
Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Fresh Fruit Salad
Sorbet Ice Cream
Apple Tart
Enjoy your meal!
All drinks included (unlimited drinks) during the meal
Wines in bottle (red BORDEAUX & white SAUVIGNON), beer,
Coca-cola, orange juice and other juices, mineral water, coffee, tea
* Special price for children under 12 years, special menu for children under 7 years*
New option: Paris dinner for groups with Burgundy wines! (Same menu)
Red Bourgogne Pinot Noir AOC 2007 and white Bourgogne Chardonnay AOC 2008
39 € with 1 bottle for 2 (37.50 cl for each) or 2 bottles for 4 between red and white wine. Also included: Kir Royal and appetizers, beer, coca-cola, juices, mineral water, coffee, tea
Restaurant for Groups in Latin Quarter Paris France
Restaurant is just a few hundred meters from Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris

Paris dinner restaurants Latin Quarter