filet de boeuf restaurant groupe Paris diner parisien

Bistrot Menu

  • € 39,00 - Choice of menu, group chooses in advance

    You will have the pleasure to choose in advance your starter, main meal and dessert


Kir (blackcurrant liqueur and wine) and appetisers

Poultry Gizzards Confit Salad or
Prawn Cocktail or
Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad or
6 Bourgogne Escargots or
Seafood Salad

Main meal

Roast Pork or
Sirloin steak with Bearnaise sauce (white sauce made with herbs) or
Cod Fillet with Dill sauce or
Turkey Escalope with White Sauce or
Bœuf Bourguignon (beef casserole)


Chocolate Mousse or
Blackcurrant and Pear Sorbet or
Apple Tart with Whipped Cream or
Crème Caramel or
Nougat glacé (frozen dessert made with meringue, whipped cream, fruit and nuts)